Welcome to St. Michael and All Angels 

We’re so glad for you to come worship with us. If you have never experienced Anglican worship before, then there are three things we wish to share:

First, everything about our worship is patterned after heaven. 

From the basic architecture of our building to the songs we sing, the reverent order of the service, and especially regarding the celebration of the Holy Communion, all are a participation in the realities which are found in heaven. As you will hear in the liturgy, we gather together to lift up our hearts to worship Almighty God in and through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Second, the Bible is our basis for worship. 

Holy Scripture reveals to us what heaven is really like and what worship is found there. Our liturgy flows from Holy Scripture and is saturated with it. We’re confident you will never find a more biblical worship service than the one you are about to experience.

Third, the congregation participates in worship. 

Jesus Christ offers himself to God the Father on behalf of his Church and for the life of the whole world. The entire Church participates with Him as one Body to offer God praise in psalms and hymns, hear the Bible read aloud, confess our common faith in the Creeds, pray together, and receive the Holy Communion. God gives us grace and we respond by offering ourselves back to Him as “living sacrifices” (Romans 12:1).

Children at Saint Michael and All Angels. 

Children of all ages are welcomed and encouraged to pray with their parents as we worship in the real presence of Christ as one united and inseparable body of believers.  Fr. Richard does not mind crying children or adults.


Receiving Holy Communion at St. Michael and All Angels Church.

Visitors who are baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost and already admitted to Holy Communion in their own churches are invited to receive the Sacrament in faith, repentance, and charity. To receive a blessing, non-communicants are invited to kneel at the altar rail and cross their arms over their chest.

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